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Top Useful China Tiktok /Douyin Data Analytic Tools in 2022

Douyin is the largest short video platform in China. With over 494 million monthly active users (MAU) and daily traffic of about 7 billion minutes per month, marketing on this app is vital for any brand looking to do business within China. When it comes to social media marketing, data analysis is an absolute must, and finding the right Douyin data analysis tool for this task can make your troubleshooting more convenient than ever before! 

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How to Enter the Chinese Imported Wine Market 2022 

Alcohol consumption has always played a vital role in China since it has a historical association with moments of sacredness and leisure. Thanks to the recent influence of Western consumerism, new needs and diversification in the alcohol market have emerged in China, introducing wine, and turning the Chinese Wine Market into the fifth largest market worldwide for wine consumption.

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