12 Must-Know China Digital Marketing Strategies
That Will Save You £££

Digital Marketing Process + Research and Development + Localisation + Strategies

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Digital Marketing Process

A digital marketing process is a broad term that refers to any steps taken to implement marketing through a digital strategy.

Market Size

China is NOT one homogenous market but a diverse place with many different cultures, so, the strategies you use need to be relevant to the right demographics!

Consumer Research

Consumer research is a vital part of market research as it allows marketers to gain a better understanding of customer needs and wants.

Competitor Research

The most significant challenge for foreign companies considering entering the Chinese market is an increasing number of local Chinese competitors.

Digital Influence Research

To introduce your products or services, your marketing journey could start by selecting the right social media platforms and establishing WOM through KOLs' recommendations.


A localisation strategy should be a crucial part of any company’s international business plan.

The trick is finding that balance between staying true to your brand while still resonating with the local audience and not losing its appeal.

Build A Website

Chinese website design differs in many ways from that of the West.

Baidu SEO

Successful SEO is not about tricking Baidu. It's about PARTNERING with Baidu to provide the best search results for Baidu's users.

Baidu PPC

Baidu PPC is a method of online promotion for which payment is based on results. For international brands, It's the fastest way and most effective way to get exposure.  

Social Media

The social landscape in China is unique, and marketers need to understand what they cannot do. Without access to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in China, you will have a harder time connecting with your audience.

Research Partners

There are many ways to enter the Chinese market. You can create a digital presence directly or develop partners inside China.

KOL Campaigns

KOL is a spokesperson, a brand ambassador, or a thought leader. They are internet celebrities on Chinese social media platforms.