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4 Benefits of Strategy Guide

A strategy guide will be able to provide you with many benefits over a traditional business. Here are some of them

Be proactive

A strategic plan allows organisations to foresee their future and prepare accordingly.

Increase operational efficiency

A strategic plan provides management the roadmap to align the organiation’s functional activities to achieve set goals 

Increase market share & profitability

Through a dedicated strategic plan, organisations can get valuable insights into market trends, and consumer segments that may affect their success.

Better risk management

The comprehensive view of the strategy facilitated by mapping allows you to quickly spot where deficiencies and weakness lie.

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Doris Bair
United States

Practical advice

The information in this book helped me understand Dropshipping and Shopiyf marketing tools in great detail. The author offers doable suggestions and straightforward guidance. This book is a well-rounded resource for anyone wishing to thrive in e-commerce because it includes a section on social media and one on affiliate marketing that is both outstanding.

John Henry
United States

Comprehensive guide

This book is a wonderful option if you're searching for a full guide to launching an online business. It is a comprehensive resource for anyone wishing to thrive in e-commerce because the author covers everything from Amazon FBA to social media marketing. The content is easy to understand because of the writing's clarity and conciseness.

William Lamantia
United States

Well-organized guide

I definitely recommend this book to anyone trying to establish an online business. The author offers important insights and practical recommendations for success in Dropshipping, Shopify, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing. The writing is simple and succinct, making it an excellent resource for individuals wishing to quickly catch up on the newest trends and ideas.

Maria Dubose
United States

Unlocking the Secrets to Online Business Success

The author's expertise and passion shine through in the wealth of information shared. The book covers everything from product research and sourcing to building an effective marketing strategy. What sets it apart is the emphasis on practical implementation, with step-by-step instructions and real-life case studies.

Mark Phillips
United States

A Game-Changer for Aspiring Online Entrepreneurs

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about Dropshipping, Shopify, Social Media, and Affiliate Marketing. It's a treasure trove of valuable information, from finding profitable products to mastering effective marketing strategies. The author's expertise shines through in the clear and concise explanations. The book also provides real-life examples and practical tips that make it easy to implement the strategies discussed. If you're serious about building a successful online business, this guide is a must-have.

Jim McCraigh
United States

Great Way to Make Extra Money Every Month

Author Matthew Mahone provides the reader with a concise, step-by-step guide to Amazon FBA. In it he covers what it is, how it works, what products to sell and pricing strategies. I found a lot of ideas that I had not thought of before and that gave me the confidence to start out on my own with this way of selling products. The author also covers a couple of “what not to do’s”. It’s a good basic book for those who want to explore this way of making extra money every month.

C. Shaw
United States

Guides you through the labyrinthine world of Amazon FBA

I’ve kind of stumbled around in the dark looking for an adequate collection of information all in one place.

Kristin Cooke
United States

This book basically says Amazon is awesome, buy some stuff

This book basically says Amazon is awesome, buy some stuff, list it on FBA, sell it, make monies. No step by step or any useful information whatsoever. Don't waste your money.

United States

Like others I have been looking for different ways to …

I was kind of stumbled around in the dark and was looking for an adequate collection of information all in one place. Like others I have been looking for different ways to use the power of Amazon’s amazing selling/business arm to my advantage. Then I found this book that took me through the Amazon FBA system and guides me how I can make money on amazon, what type of products to sell and how those products should be priced. A fascinating book that amazed me with all its ultimate guidelines and effective strategies that is easy to follow. This book is well formatted and properly laid out and the thing I loved about this book is it delivers what it cover promises. After go through this book I tried some of the money making strategies on amazon and they all work. It really a great guide and I highly recommend this to apply this advice to your Amazon sales in no time.

Ma. Antonia Amorsolo

Very basic book about Amazon FBA

The book covers it all- from setting up an FBA account, to product sourcing, where to find things to sell, to pricing, to shipping your items to the amazon warehouse and the advice on the cheapest way to do this. It also covers a unique methodology that will enable you figure out exactly what items are in high demand right now, as well as getting approved to sell in certain high demand categories. There is a lot of guru books out there on how to make money with Amazon but this book is definitely one of my favorites. The system it provides is not necessarily easy, but it can be done with following the steps in this book. I mean it basically lays everything out for you step by step, you just have to do it. I am already considering using these methods in creating my own Amazon business. This is the book I'll be using hands down. If you cant follow the steps in the book, then don't start a business. This isn't rocket science.

Andres dabid mejia

Highly informative, I feel like a Digital Marketing Pro now!

"Excellent book, I feel like a China Digital Marketing Pro after reading this book. Highly informative and easy to understand."


A valuable source of reference

“Excellent information here on how to implement a China digital marketing strategy (but also applies to the research stage and localisation). Easy to read and jump to relevant topics. Also great as a reference source to remind yourself to key points as you work through the phases.”

Squishy bear

Phenomenal book of knowledge!

"Would consider this my bible when it comes to marketing and business development. So much applicable information across multiple aspects. 10 out of 10 for anyone considering China market entry digitally.”

Andres Ducci

Great starting point on digital journey

“This book is great as a starting point to develop a china marketing strategy. It gives the big picture of the digital ecosystem in China to attract Chinese customers.”

JF-Marietta, GA

Great resource on digital marketing techniques

“Great resource for anyone who wants a refresher on digital marketing, or want to learn about specifically China digital marketing techniques. This is the “go to” book for our team.”


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