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Breaking into the China market with Digital Marketing is a sophisticated process. Not only could the language and culture be a barrier, but the whole Digital Eco-system is different from the west. We help businesses with the following challenges that could prevent your international expansion into the China market.

Set a Clear Strategy

The world has ranked China as the most attractive market for many years. There are more than 950 million social media users in 2021. However, it has a different digital marketing Eco-system than the West with fragmented channels. Without the right marketing strategy, you will not be able to set up the right resources, infrastructure and prioritities to achive your growth.

Introduce Advanced MarTech

International channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many are blocked. Many websites hosted outside China are not visible or ranked on Local Search Engines. Also, most advanced MarTech and Marketing systems in China have no English version.

Get the right Talent

You may have top talents for you PPC or SEO campaign on Google and content marketing on Instagram or Facebook, but the largest search engine in China is Baidu. The popular social media networks are WeChat, Weibo, or Douyin, XiaoHongShu(Red). Perhaps you plan to repurpose your existing creative content;it still requires localising effort with the right digital marketing talent.

Access Consumer Insights

Deep consumer insight is one of the core competitive advantages you should build for any business. However, with on one on the gorund in China, it could mean high starting costs and risks, especially after the recent global pandemic.

Leverage analytics

The China Digital marketing landscape is changing daily. Not having the right analytics to learn rapidly in a fast moving marketing, you be behind your competitors.

For small size projects, try Enlybee's AI GPT for your China research!

For major projects, speak to the Enlybee team!

We have one purpose: Make Digital Marketing more effective with ease for you

Digital Strategist
Digital Strategists

Align business and client goals with measurable outcomes on creative and distribution channels. 

Project Managers

Monitor campaign timelines and provide dedicated communication resources

Content Creators

Build engaging content (Copywriting, video and visual) that ensures targeted customers can connect with your brand.

Digital Strategists
Channel Distributors

Identify the best channel mix (SEO, SEM, KOL) to deliver your creative content to reach audience you need.

Subject Experts

Collaborate with you to create expertise in your sector through experience, intensive research and analytic insights.

"Get China Ready" with the Right Strategy

Are you a company or agency tempted to enter the China market but do not understand the context and How to on which channels? We have the industry experts to help your China Digital Marketing Planning.

You will see everything from multi-channel perspectives, understand levels of support, budget allocation, overall strategy, and your target customers in China. We help you build the foundation for China to get ready for you. For example, to build an inspiring SEO optimised website that can be found easily in China using local search engine Baidu and avoid time-consuming administrative processes. 

Help Chinese Students or Clients Find You with the Best AI-Powered MarTech

Are you ready to go to market in China and cannot do it in-house due to budget or resources, so you are outsourcing? We work through more than 40 digital marketing disciplines with leading industry partners and resources to work on any platform or region for you to target. We use the advanced 3MF marketing technology to shorten the traditional conversion path through AI. We share the latest practices in China SEO, SEM marketing through MarTech, with a strong focus on the education sector.

Execute your Campaign with the Best Talent

We help build your virtual China marketing team in days, not months. We have top talent with diverse skills from Creative, Strategy, Distribution, Subject or Tech expert, to KOLs to cover all your digital marketing needs. All talents are dual Languages (Chinese & English) by professional digital marketers with strong localisation skills. We believe in high-quality content., and we bring you award-winning Chinese content creators, copywriters, video producers and designers to give you an edge on digital marketing campaigns.

Fast Learning on Customer Insight

We are big believers in customer insight. We continually research, analyse and optimise to bring new strategies into your China marketing mix giving you more competitive advantages. Deep marketing research and testing trial campaigns will give you a quick insight into deploying bigger marketing campaigns with confidence.

Keep Improving through Analytics

We analyse performance to react to opportunities to stay ahead of your competition. We are building our community of the best digital marketing resources in China to optimise your growth goals.


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