The China Intelligence Industry Trade Show 2024: A Showcase of Innovation

The China Intelligence Industry Trade Show 2024: A Showcase of Innovation

30 November 2023 | Ava Ye & Lorrie J | 5 min

There will be numerous global exhibitions in 2024, including the China Intelligence Industry Exhibition, showcasing cutting-edge developments and innovations in the intelligence industry sector. These exhibitions will focus on the applications of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation systems, robotics, and smart devices, highlighting their transformative impact on manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, finance, and more. These exhibitions provide valuable opportunities for professionals to network and collaborate.

China Intelligent Industry

2024 China Intelligent Industry Expo Line-up

Date City Event Highlight
March 4-6 Guangzhou Sino-Pack International Packaging Industry Exhibition  Intelligence packaging, logistics packaging, comprehensive packaging, and food packaging.
March 4-6 Guangzhou SPS Guangzhou International Intelligence Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition China Industrial automation innovation achievements
March 4-6 Guangzhou SmartLogitics Asia Guangzhou International Warehouse Logistics Intelligence Equipment and Technology Exhibition Upgrade of intelligence logistics equipment
May 11-13 Beijing ISH China + CIHE Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Bathroom, and Comfort Home System Exhibition HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), building plumbing and drainage, smart heating, comfortable home
May 24 Tianjin The 8th World Intelligence Congress Smart technology
May 13-16 Chongqing Chongqing Lizhijia International Intelligence Equipment Exhibition Industrial automation, electrical systems, robotics technology, industrial automation information technology, and software.
May 13-16 Beijing China Smart Medical and Wearable Device Exhibition Smart Medical and Wearable Devices
May 29-31 Guangzhou IMS Guangzhou International Advanced Manufacturing and Intelligence Factory Exhibition Industrial robots and machine vision, electrical systems, power transmission and control systems, Internet of Things (IoT), and Internet+
May 29-31 Beijing Intertraffic China International Intelligence Transportation Exhibition Traffic safety, parking equipment, traffic management, smart transportation, and transportation infrastructure construction
June 9-12 Guangzhou GEBT Guangzhou Building Electrical and Smart Home Exhibition Building electrical work, energy-saving retrofit devices, building automation, and smart homes.
August 14-16 Wuhan China (Wuhan) Auto Manufacturing Technology and Intelligence Equipment Expo Automotive manufacturing technology and intelligence equipment.
August 21-23 Shenzhen IoT World China Shenzhen World IoT Conference Internet of Things (IoT), perception layer, blockchain, artificial intelligence
August 28-30 Guangzhou PCIM Asia China International Power Components, Renewable Energy Management Exhibition Power components, renewable energy
September 3-5 Shanghai SSHT Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition Smart home industry
September 3-5 Shanghai Parking China Shanghai International Smart Parking Exhibition Smart parking management system, parking equipment, and accessories
September 3-5 Shanghai SIBT Shanghai International Intelligence Building Exhibition Smart building, IoT cloud platform/remote control software, BIM technology, biometric recognition/facial recognition/fingerprint recognition/iris recognition, smart home.
September 3-5 Shanghai SSOT Shanghai International Smart Office Exhibition Smart building, smart home

This table provides a comprehensive list of major industry exhibitions and congresses scheduled to take place in various cities across China in 2024. These events cover various sectors, from packaging, intelligent manufacturing, logistics, heating and ventilation systems, and medical technology to intelligent buildings and offices. Each event is a significant gathering of industry leaders and professionals, serving as a platform for showcasing the latest innovations, exchanging ideas, and fostering business collaborations.

March: A Spotlight on Intelligent Packaging, Manufacturing, and Logistics at the China Trade Show

From March 4-6, Guangzhou will serve as the host city for the Sino-Pack, one of China’s leading intelligent automation packaging exhibitions. This event aims to showcase the innovative strides made in different areas of packaging, including intelligent packaging, logistics packaging, comprehensive packaging, and food packaging. Attendees can expect to see products such as automated intelligent packaging machinery, logistics warehousing equipment and systems, secondary packaging machinery, and more.

Concurrently, the city will also host the SPS – Guangzhou International Intelligent Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition. This event will highlight China’s latest industrial automation achievements, focusing on robotics technology, drive systems, sensing technology, embedded systems, human-machine interface devices, and connectivity and electrical technology.

Moreover, the Smart Logistics Asia Exhibition will also take place in Guangzhou, aiming to meet the strong demand for intelligent logistics equipment in South China’s manufacturing industry and provide a platform for showcasing upgrades in intelligent logistics equipment.

May: An Emphasis on Intelligent Home Systems and Manufacturing Equipment at the China Trade Show

From May 11-13, Beijing will hold the ISH China + CIHE – China’s Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Sanitation & Home Comfort Systems Exhibition. As an industry-leading event in Asia, it covers various product themes such as HVAC, building water supply and drainage, smart heating, and comfortable home systems, showcasing the latest technologies in these areas.

On May 13-16, Chongqing will host the Chongqing Li Jia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition. This event aims to showcase the market’s unique demands in central and western China and display a full range of product content in the machinery processing industry, including industrial automation, electrical systems, robotics technology, and IT and software technologies related to China industrial automation.

Later in the month, Beijing will hold the China Smart Medical and Wearable Devices Exhibition, where visitors can explore health management solutions, massage/physiotherapy products, intelligent rehabilitation care products, intelligent elderly care solutions, intelligent detection equipment, and wearable devices.

The 8th World Intelligence Congress at the China Trade Show

The 8th World Intelligence Congress, set to take place later in the year, is one of the most anticipated events in the intelligence industry. It is a significant global platform for showcasing the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements and other cutting-edge technologies. The congress is known for featuring leading international experts, scholars, and industry leaders who share insights and research findings and discuss the future of intelligent technology in China’s Industrial Automation, Intelligent Packaging, and Intelligent Logistics.

China Trade Show

A unique feature of the congress is its focus on real-world applications of AI. The event showcases how AI transforms various sectors, such as healthcare, education, finance, and manufacturing. This focus gives attendees an in-depth understanding of leveraging AI to solve complex problems and drive growth in different industries.

In addition to the main conference, the World Intelligence Congress also features several side events. These include AI competitions, workshops, and industry forums. The AI competitions are a platform for young talents and budding startups to showcase their innovative solutions, while workshops provide hands-on experience on the latest AI tools and techniques. The industry forums allow for in-depth discussions on specific topics, fostering collaborations and partnerships among participants.

June to August: Intelligent Transportation, Building Electrical, and Intelligent Home Exhibitions at the China Trade Show

From June 9-12, the Guangzhou Building Electrical and Intelligent Home Exhibition (GEBT) will take place, embracing the development trends of smart cities, building energy conservation, smart grids, and more. The exhibition will cover multiple topics, including building electrical, energy-saving retrofit devices, building automation, and smart home technologies that leverage AI.

In August, the China (Wuhan) Automotive Manufacturing Technology & Intelligent Equipment Expo will concentrate on the latest cutting-edge technology and solutions in the automotive industry. The event will gather experts from all over the world to showcase the “source of high-quality cars” under the theme of “gathering excellent equipment”.

Later in the month, Shenzhen IoT World China, the professional exhibition focusing on IoT industry chain, will take place to create more high-quality industry exchanges and cooperation opportunities for enterprises in the IoT and related fields.

September: Intelligent Buildings, Smart Office Solutions, and Smart Parking at the China Trade Show

In September, Shanghai will hold a series of exhibitions, including the Shanghai International Intelligent Building Exhibition (SIBT), Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition (SSHT), and Shanghai International Smart Office Exhibition (SSOT). The SSHT will expand product fields and cover all aspects of the smart home industry, including the internet, cloud platform technology, innovative hardware, operation interface, and overall smart home solutions. The SSOT will showcase intelligent building systems and solutions, fostering cooperation and technological integration across different fields. With its focus on Intelligent Office solutions, the exhibition will provide a glimpse into the future of office automation.

The 2024 China Intelligent Industry Conclusion

In conclusion, these exhibitions in 2024 will provide a comprehensive overview of the latest advancements and trends in the intelligence industry, offering valuable opportunities for industry professionals to connect, learn, and grow. The events emphasize key areas such as AI, Intelligent Packaging, Intelligent Logistics, and Industrial Automation, providing a holistic view of the China Intelligent Industry.

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