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Enlybee focuses on Baidu paid advertising & PPC promotion and marketing, providing customers with high-quality services across the entire product line, so that every penny invested by the brand is valuable

What is stopping you from using Baidu PPC?

As a foreign brand to China, you may encounter these problems, but we can help you.

Information Asymmetry

Language Barrier

Slow Information Update

Different Analytic Tools

Difficult to Track Data

Our Services

Baidu PPC Keyword

Baidu Keyword Selection

Search intent analysis based on Baidu Keyword Tool to expand keywords.

Baidu Landing Page

Landing Page Strategy

Landing pages are allocated based on keyword relevance to improve user experience

Baidu PPC Style

New Style of Ad

Display products in the form of iamges in a product window style to promote conversion

Baidu Info Flow

Baidu Information Flow copporation fast and easy.

Use Baidu information flow to help get more traffic and conversions

Our 9-Step Process

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8
Step 9

Why choose Baidu PPC?

Prmote your brand in through Baidu Traffic

  • 6 billion +Baidu daily search response
  • 15 billion Baidu Feeds daily recommendations
  • 3.4 million Baijiahao content creators
  • 200 million +APP daily activity volume
  • 1 billion Baidu feeds advertisement daily impression
Baidu PPC Enlybee

Our Service Plans

Basic Package

  • Suitable for companies with a promotion budget of less than £2000 per month

    1. Account optimisation analysis

    2. Account optimisation execution

    3. Landing page analysis suggestions

    4. Baidu Statistics Settings

    5. Weekly summary of promotion data

Standard service package

  •  Suitable for companies with a promotion budget of less than £5000 per month

    Apart from the basic pacakge, it also has
    1.Landing page creation

    2.Single lead cost control

    3.. Weely bilingual reporting


Premium Service Package

  • Suitable for companies or individual who want fast and easy operative account

    1. Auction account diagnosis

    2. Bidding account analysis

    3. Account fine-tuning and optimization

    4. Code Check Configuration

    5. Trial period data summary and comparison

Why choose us?


Together with our partner, we served over 500 high-quality overseas brands and help them explore China
market with Baidu Ads. The industries
involve education, retail, finance, luxury
goods, tourism, semiconductor and etc.

Professional Support

We have more than 20 Baidu PPC marketing
experts to provide professional support
for your Baidu operation. Most members
of our operation team have more than 10
years of Baidu experience.

Bilingual Team

Our bilingual team is able to provide
new marketing trends, 1-to-1
responsive services, bilingual weekly
or monthly reports to help you stay
informed of your advertising

Baidu PPC Industry Data Enlybee

Baidu Marketing FAQs

It depends which country is your target market. As Google (GOOGL) maintains its stronghold in the global internet search arena, Baidu, Inc., (BIDU) has the upper hand in China, with 72.37% of the nation’s market share as of May 2021.1 Google China, a subsidiary of Google, ranked fourth in China’s online search market, with a 1.95% share.

Both Google and Baidu are listed on NASDAQ and operate in similar web services spheres, but the companies are quite different. Baidu remains focused on the local Chinese market, while Google is global and continues to expand.

Contrary to the common perception of Baidu as an “online search specific” company, it has a large suite of products and services somewhat similar to Google. Both companies have multiple offerings across search products, social products, knowledge products, location-based products, music products, PC client software, mobile products and services, open platform for developers, games, and translation services. Nonetheless, here are the key differences between Baidu and Google. (Source: investopedia )

Distribution of global visitors to as of August 2021, by top country. (Source: Statista )
CharacteristicPercentage of visitors
United States1.8%

The Baidu Webmaster Tools (or Ziyuan) app is available in Simplified Chinese and offers many important metrics for optimizing your site to rank better on the search engine. 

The key steps in the process of using Baidu Webmaster Tools are: firstly, sign up for an account with their website and verify that it is legitimate; secondly set permissions on your page so they know what kind or activities can take place there.

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