Tik Tok China/Douyin Marketing Service

Short video planning + Short video script + Short video operation

Enlybee focuses on personalised customisation of Douyin original short videos, from positioning, creative planning, shooting, editing, operation and other one-stop full services to help brands reduce customer acquisition costs, monetise traffic and continue developing brand’s user assets through short videos on the Douyin platform.

Our Services


Douyin Account Management

  • Account decoration : account header image recording, modification and uploading, determination of account name, modification of account signature, age, gender, region and other account information

  • The capture of hot topics traffic : Pay attention to the celebrities related to account positioning in advance, and increase the initial weight of the account through the hot topics engagement

  • Permission activation : On activating the product window permission, you can add or delete products in the product window position of the account homepage. You can also open the shopping cart , activate live broadcast permissions and longer video permission etc.


Video Content Output

  • Script creativity : The script team writes the detailed script content of all videos

  • Video shooting : Provide all video shooting services according to the script, equipped with professional shooting equipment (lighting, radio, stabilizer, tripod, etc.), subject to the actual script, provide all the required shooting venues, the actors,  the costumes and props required by the script.

  • Editing and packaging : According to the video tone of the short video platform, we will post-editi video materials.


Douyin Operation Promotion

  • Make dynamic video copy,  to guide users to comment, trigger likes.

  • Video online : Choose the most suitable release time according to the video attributes, and provide video upload services

  • Hot topics : In line with current affairs, selectively participate in hot content imitation, topic challenges, festival hot spots

  • DOU+GD : Master the pre-traffic, put DOU+ on several explosive videos, and customise the precise targeting.

Our Process


Why choose Douyin short video promotion?

China’s largest short video platform

The number of daily active users of Douyin exceeds 600 million

  • Among the 926.84 million social media users in China, 64.73% log in to TikTok at least once a day (Tik Tok)
  • Douyin’s 22 million creators earned a total of 41.7 billion yuan ($6.15 billion) in the past year
  • Overall user profile of Douyin: 48% of female users; 42% of users age 26-35; 41% of first- and second-tier users

  • In 2020, the GMV of China’s Douyin live streaming station will be about 150 billion yuan

Douyin Hub

The value of Douyin short video advertising marketing

100 million-level media placement effect ads to achieve marketing goals

Brand building

Increase brand exposure and popularity

  • Douyin Blue V account

  • Content creative operation

  • Original video production

Fan growth

Increase sales lead acquisition

  •  Douyin operation full care
  •  Acquire accurate fans
  •  Applicable app download

E-commerce conversion

Improve product library display, clicks, conversions

  •  E-commerce operations
  • Sales growth
  •  ROI improvement

Our Service Plans

Basic operation plan

  • Account establishment

    Enterprise Blue V Certification

    Video script designation*4-8

    Video post-production*4-8

    Video operation

    Official account maintenance

    Video pacing

    Operational summary feedback

Standard Operation Plan

  • Account establishment

    Enterprise Blue V Certification

    Merchandise window opens

    Market and Industry Analysis

    Video script assignment

    Video Post Production

    Video operation

    Official account maintenance

    Fans accumulate 30-1 million+

    Video pacing

    Operational summary feedback


Premium Operation Plan

  • Douyin’s business operation is realised:

    Account operation

    Follower growth

    Commercial realisation

    E-commerce sales:

    E-commerce selection

    E-commerce sales

Why choose us?

Rich short video generation operation experience

Professional short video operation, Enlybee can help you get on the popular Douyin and Kuaishou Toutiao, help you plan, shoot, post-production, and professional data Douyin operation.

Professional video production capabilities

The film-level short video production team, Enlybee has high quality requirements in the film’s pre-creation, script writing, shooting techniques, film editing and special effects production, and sound effect processing.

Professional After Sales

A post-production team full of passion and creativity

More about the marketing activities of Douyin short videos in China

Focus on value, causing users to imitate and spread spontaneously

Discover the needs of users to create and publish content that directly hits the pain point. For Douyin content production, the broadcaster needs to explain the operation steps and skills of the practical operation in a short time as much as possible, and make it easy to understand so fans can be motivated to practice and give feedback.

Content is king, and creativity needs to continue

Douyin’s dissemination and low cost determine its high requirements for creativity. We often see that an original creative video that has become popular overnight will be imitated by users immediately the next day. It is obviously unscientific to wait for the fans with your own original video, which requires the broadcaster to maintain a steady stream of creativity in the field that he is good at.

Current affairs hot topics, if there are any

A hot topic is the content that successfully refreshes the screen in a certain period of time, which may be a challenge or even a game segment dance. The advantage of incorporating hot topic is that it can be more topical and eye-catching, and it is easy to impress fans. However, it requires attitude and selective rubbing. Only by combining content tonality and active output can it have more potential to be tapped and attract more traffic. 

Use editing and vibrato effects

From the beginning, Douyin attracted its first fans with cool and youthful music and special effects. The overall style is more aimed at young people’s hobbies than Kuaishou and short video software of the same period. Douyin content production makes good use of the special effects provided by Douyin, with appropriate music clips, transitions, and scenes, to create unforgettable effects and make them memorable.

Tik Tok China/Douyin Marketing FAQs

Douyin directly translated from Mandarin to English means vibrating sound. Chinese: 抖音; pinyin: Dǒuyīn


Data websites, like Chanmama, Huitun, and Feigua, could be useful tools for monitoring key data.

Top Useful China Tiktok /Douyin Data Analytic Tools in 2022

One is not better than another in fact both applications are owned by Bytedance and both are technically the same entity however they do have features that differ from each other. Douyin has features such as “Mission for All” which gives creators the opportunity to earn rewards whereas TikTok is more of an engagement and audience drawing tool for creators. Therefore deciding which is better is dependent on what the aim of using TikTok is.

DougYin is only available on the app stores in China, therefore you must change the region on your phone’s settings. You can do this in the setting app on your phone. A more detailed guide to changing the region is on the blog site.


Yes, however it is under the name of Douyin instead of its more commonly known name ‘TikTok’. Technically they are two separate entities but the same products. In short, TikTok is the international version of the social media app and Douyin is the Chinese one.

Douyin is a monopoly in the short-video social media world. Due to this lack of competition and options, it has thus become very popular. In addition to this Douyin hold ownership of many popular filters, music and editing features that cannot be found in other apps which gives it a strong unique selling point.

How to Download China Douyin App for Apple in the UK

No, Douyin was designed for local chinese users unlike TikTok with its millions of international demographic. 99% of Douyin’s audience are Chinese therefore there is not a high demand for an English option.

How to Download China Douyin App for Apple in the UK

Over-represented in first-tier and second-tier cities, accounting for 52%, college degree or above, more women (55%women users). The age of users is concentrated between 22-35.

The Best Douyin Marketing Guide in 2021

Bilibili,Kuaishou,Xigua Video, Huoshan Video, Meipai, Wechat Channel, Tencent Video, IQiyi Video, Youku Video,Wechat Channels. The most similar to Douyin is Kuaishou, while the rest of the video platforms each have their own characteristics.

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