Top Useful China Tiktok /Douyin Data Analytic Tools in 2022

Top Useful China Tiktok /Douyin Data Analytic Tools in 2022

31 March 2022 |  Andy S & Yijian T  | 3 min read


Douyin is the largest short video platform in China. With over 600 million monthly active users (MAU) and a daily video search volume exceeding 400 million, marketing on this app is vital for any brand looking to do business within China. When it comes to social media marketing, data analysis is an absolute must, and finding the right Douyin data analysis tool for this task can make your planning, optimising and troubleshooting more convenient than ever before! 

How to conduct marketing on Douyin?

There are two ways for brands to conduct marketing on Douyin. First, the brand can create its own account to advertise its brand. Second, the brand can also let other influencers promote their brand.

If the brand wants to operate its own account, a Douyin data analysis tool is useful, and the operator needs to monitor the traffic. If the traffic of one particular video suddenly declines, the operator needs to check the reason behind the phenomenon. It is necessary to see whether the content of this video is not popular or in violation of rules in the ”Douyin Online Community Self-Regulation Convention”. 

Furthermore, you can use Douyin data analysis to assist in an operating plan. For example, these technologies assist operators in discovering the target audience’s active time, accurate portraits, preferred material, and more. As a result, you can use this data to improve the content. 

On the other hand, if the brand only wants to collaborate with other influencers to promote or advertise the brand or its products, Douyin data analysis is still crucial. The analysis tool helps brands identify which influencers and their followers are mainly composed of the target audiences suitable for cooperating and what content in advertising is more attractive. Effectively using this information will help you build a better marketing strategy! 

China Tiktok / Douyin data analytic tools

Now, we will introduce four useful Douyin data analysis tools to help you choose the right one.

Feigua Data

Feigua Data 飞瓜数据

With its comprehensive data, accurate and fast platform, Feigua is one of the most popular choices for business users. With features like data management of individual Douyin account information, viewing daily traffic reports, and tracking videos to know how they are spreading, this app will provide you with all the necessary tools for success. Influencer marketing is a proven way for brands and advertisers to reach their desired audience and find the accounts for an impactful promotion or advertising campaign to succeed on Douyin. 

There are two important special functions in Huitun, Hot Comments Managing, and Xingtu Assessment. With Hot Comments Managing Function, you can quickly understand the popular comments on Douyin and then guide other users in making relevant contributions. This will help improve your interaction data with videos! Xingtu Assessment is a comprehensive assessment of influencers’ business value through the number of effective videos, cost performance, credit score, etc., which is suitable for the brand to evaluate whether one influencer is worthy of investing. While many competitors have cheap pricing options, Feigua’s data is more accurate and timelier than they do. However, the subscription price can be 4399 Yuan per month for the professional version.

Huitun Data 灰豚数据

Huitun and Feigua are similar but cheaper. It is worth noting that Huitun can directly access the Influencer homepage by scanning the QR code when looking for the Influencer. With the unique function of brand promoting, you can see which brands are the most popular in Douyin by looking at this list. Plus, with a simple comparison, you can get an idea of how each brand markets itself and what content it posts on Douyin! 

Huitun Data

Chanmama 蝉妈妈

Chanmama may be more suitable for brands that want to do E-commerce directly on the Douyin platform because its data monitoring is the most comprehensive and professional compared with other platforms. Simultaneously, Chanmama’s platform includes a toolbox that enables users to conduct transactions online. The toolkit offers services, such as watermark removal, product search, and video extraction, which are necessary for live e-commerce but need extra payment for use. 


Douguaishou 抖怪兽

With the recent release of Douguaishou, a new platform has come to fruition. This free and accurate data provides users with all you need for your business in an easy-to-use manner that is fully featured too.



Different brands should consider what features from these data analytic solutions their brand needs based on their business strategy, marketing strategy, and their budget, and then choose the appropriate tools. If you want to leverage China Tiktok (Douyin) effectively with the Chinese brands or consumers with the right Chinese Partners, we are happy to help.