China Trade Fair 2024: Pioneering LED Tech

China Trade Fair 2024: Pioneering LED Tech

24 November 2023 | Ava Ye | 6 min

In 2024, China, a global powerhouse in LED technology, is set to light up the world with the China Trade Fair 2024, offering a series of events showcasing the industry’s latest advancements. As a global call to LED professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts, we invite you to immerse yourself in this journey of LED lights in room settings, under-cabinet LED lighting, trade show LED displays, and more.

The China Trade Fair 2024 will feature a comprehensive array of exhibits showcasing the latest advancements in LED technology. This includes LED displays, audio-visual systems, intelligent terminals, packaging and manufacturing equipment, lighting solutions, digital engraving equipment, and various elements of the LED industry supply chain. Additionally, the fair will present innovative applications of LED in lighting design, outdoor lighting, decorative lighting, intelligent control systems, and even hotel and commercial space lighting. It promises to be a one-stop destination for anyone interested in the future of LED technology and its applications.

Comprehensive Schedule for the 2024 LED Trade Fair

Feb 25 – 27 Guangzhou 29th Dipesi (Spring) Guangzhou International Advertising Signage and LED Exhibition
Feb 26 – 28 Shenzhen Shenzhen International Advertising Digital Signage Exhibition (SIGN CHINA)
Feb 29 – Mar 02 Shenzhen ISLE (International Smart Display & System Integration Exhibition, International Signage & LED Exhibition
Mar 07 – 09 Changchun 2024 Changchun 25th Advertising Signage LED Exhibition and Office Graphic Printing Exhibition
Mar 08 – 10 Xi’an Silk Road Advertising Industry Expo and 2024 60th Xi’an (Spring) Advertising Signage/Office Printing/LED Photoelectric Lighting Industry Expo
Mar 18 – 21 Zhongshan The 30th China Guzhen International Lighting Fair
Mar 23 – 25 Fuzhou 2024 Fuzhou International Advertising Signage and LED Technology Exhibition
Mar 26 – 28 Yangzhou China (Yangzhou) Outdoor Lighting Exhibition
Mar 26 – 29 Shanghai Shanghai International Commercial and Engineering Lighting Exhibition (HDE)
Mar 29 – 31 Jiangxi 2024 Jiangxi Advertising Signage and LED Exhibition, Office Graphics, and Digital Printing Exhibition
Mar 29 – 31 Chongqing 2024 Chongqing International Advertising Signage LED and Office Graphic Printing Exhibition
Apr 06 – 09 Hong Kong Hong Kong Spring Lighting and Decoration Exhibition (LIGHTING)
Apr 12 – 14 Anhui 2024 Anhui Advertising Technology, Equipment and LED, Signage Exhibition
May 08 – 10 Ningbo 2024 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition
Jun 09 – 12 Guangzhou Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
Sep 11 – 13 Xiamen Xiamen International Lighting Exhibition
Sep 19 – 21 Guangzhou 30th Dipesi (Autumn) Guangzhou International Advertising Signage and LED Exhibition
Sep 11 – 13 Shenzhen 25th China International Optoelectronic Exposition
Sep 19 – 21 Shanghai Shanghai International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA)

Featured Exhibits at LED Trade Fair 2024

Dipesi Guangzhou International Advertising Signage and LED Exhibition

The trade fair will kick off with the 29th Dipesi Guangzhou International Advertising Signage and LED Exhibition. Attendees can expect to witness cutting-edge LED display technology, including LED screens for trade show LED displays, control systems, and smart terminals explicitly designed for metaverse and esports applications. The event will also showcase wall LED lights and LED floor lamps among the many displayed products.

Shenzhen International LED Exhibition

Another key event in the lineup is the 21st Shenzhen International LED Exhibition. LED garage lights and the best LED headlight bulbs will take centre stage, allowing attendees to explore LED packaging/chips, manufacturing/testing equipment, and lighting solutions that include these products.

Digital signage will be a focus area during the China Trade Show 2024, with the Shenzhen International Advertising Digital Signage Exhibition (SIGN CHINA) featuring the latest advancements in this field. The trade show will showcase state-of-the-art digital engraving equipment, CNC/laser engraving machines, and related accessories. They will also prominently feature LED tea lights and LED lights for TV applications.

Zhongshan Guzhen International Lighting Fair

The 30th China Guzhen International Lighting Fair is a not-to-be-missed event in the lighting industry. Scheduled from March 18th to 21st, 2024, this much-anticipated event promises to be a dazzling display of the latest lighting technology and products.

Organised by the Zhongshan Local People’s Government and the China Lighting Appliances Association and hosted by the Zhongshan Guzhen Town People’s Government and Zhongshan Guzhen Lighting Expo Co., Ltd., the fair will take centre stage in Guzhen Town. Known as the “Capital of Lighting” in China, Guzhen Town is the perfect backdrop for this luminous event, with its lighting industry cluster generating annual sales in billions of yuan.

The event is more than a fair. It is a celebration of Zhongshan’s status as the manufacturing hub for 60-70% of China’s lighting products. This exhibition provides an invaluable platform for exhibitors and visitors to gain an in-depth understanding of the scale and innovation of the lighting industry in Zhongshan.

But it is not all business. The fair is also a fun and engaging experience, with plenty of chances to network, share ideas, and build relationships. With the latest lighting technology and products on display, industry exchanges and collaborations to be fostered, and a vibrant atmosphere, the fair promises to inject a new vitality into the lighting sector.

Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition

The 2024 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition will highlight outdoor lighting innovations, focusing on the best LED lights for outdoor/street lighting, commercial lighting, and engineering lighting. LED trade show lights will provide insights into the latest trends in lighting.

The Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition will focus on LED packaging, featuring the latest in epitaxy and chips, packaging technology, packaging glue, diodes, SMD LEDs, high-power LEDs, and digital tubes. The trade show will also showcase the best LED lights, including LED desk lamps and under-cabinet lighting.

China International Optoelectronic Exposition

The 25th China International Optoelectronic Exposition will feature professional LED lights and supporting equipment, including neon lights, stage, movie, TV lights, LED tea lights, dimming control equipment, and various light control devices. This event is a must-attend for anyone involved in stage lighting, film, and television production.

The Shanghai International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA)

The Shanghai International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA) will provide an opportunity to explore special materials for lighting electrical products, including phosphors, electronic powder, quartz tubes, glass tubes, electrical grade materials, and tungsten wire.

China Trade Fair 2024 is a vibrant celebration of light and technology, offering attendees the chance to network with industry leaders and discover the latest LED innovations. Enlybee, as your trusted partner for the Chinese market, is here to assist international exhibitors in joining these grand events. We provide seamless bridging services, including press releases in major Chinese media and generating good PR before you arrive in China. With our expertise in the LED sector, we help identify the right suppliers or partnerships to ensure your business thrives in the Chinese LED market.


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