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Official Website Search Engine Optimsation +Baidu First Page domination+Reputation management+Brand Public Relations 

Enlybee focuses on Baidu search engine ranking optimisation & traffic improvement, integrated network marketing promotion (word-of-mouth marketing, news marketing, event marketing and event marketing)

Our Services

Official Website SEO optimisation

• On-page SEO optimisation

• Keyword ranking optimisation

• Data analysis optimisation

• Improve website conversion rate

• Offsite link building

• Website user experience optimisation

Helping clients start with no or low ranking, and after optimising website ranking, more than 100 groups of keywords appear on the homepage of Baidu, bringing long-term organic traffic to clients and increasing conversion rate.

Baidu Ranking Domination 1

• Social media promotion

• Official logo

• Baidu series product promotion

• SNS word-of-mouth promotion

Comprehensively combine “content” and “SEO optimisation”, provide SEO copywriting solutions, build a series of high-quality original articles with high relevance, and improve the overall professionalism of the website and the credibility of the company.

Baidu Ranking Domination 2

• Public opinion system monitoring

• Public opinion warning automatic report

• Guided market analysis

•Brand promotion and PR planning

Thoroughly analyse all site issues including site structure, sitemaps, 404 errors, duplicate content and headers etc.

Baidu Ranking Domination 3

• PR strategy 

• SEO suppression

• Positive direction  guidance

• Word of mouth promotion

The scope and depth of e-commerce SEO are wider and deeper than the general website. Enlybee’s experience can help you perform large-scale SEO optimisation and increase  traffic.

Our Process

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Why choose Baidu SEO?

 The World’s Largest Chinese Search Engine Platform

  • Baidu has over 750 million monthly active users

  • Monthly active users of Baidu App reached 558 million, and the daily login users accounted for over 75% (Q1, 2021)

  • The number of creators of Baidu Baijiahao reached 4.2 million (Q1, 2021)

  • The number of monthly active users of Baidu Smart Mini Programs reached 416 million

  •  Baidu search accounted over 80% of the mobile search engine market in China

The value of Baidu search engine digital marketing

Multi-scene reach with accurate search traffic effects of hundreds of millions

Top ranking goal, 7*24 hours, 365 days 

Long-term continuous and stable unlimited exposure impressions

Unlimited Natural Search Clicks & Free Search Ads & Traffic

Cross search engine platform effect & desktop/tablet/mobile phone effect

Improve company and brand awareness and make the website more secure and reliable

High return on investment (ROI) to reach more potential customers

Our Service Plans

Basic Generation Operation Package

  • Suitable for start-up businesses with a small budget

         Customers choose 10 main keywords

         Recommend more than 100 long tail keywords

         The compliance rate is subject to Baidu PC

    (The optimisation period is 3 to 6 months )

Standard Baidu seo service package

  • Suitable for growing enterprises /brands with high seo requirements

         Customers choose 15 main keywords

         Recommend more than 100 long tail keywords

         The complicance rate is subject to Baidu PC

    (The optimisation period is 3 to 6 months)

Premium Baidu SEO Service Package

  • Suitable for  established enterprises/brands with high SEO requirements

         Customers choose 20 main keywords

         Recommend more than 100 long tail keywords

         The compliance rate is subject to Baidu PC

    (The optimisation period is 3 to 6 months )

Why choose us?

Integrity Advisor

Always practice the core concept of Enlybee, promote the professionalism and integrity of consultants, and provide optimized solutions more suitable for clients

Function Upgrade

The backend system continues to improve the operating experience and functions and continues to upgrade for a better user experience.

Transparent Pricing

Structured pricing standard to service to ensure no hidden charges, reasonable billing schedule to maximize budget savings 

Safe and Reliable

Enlybee is a pure white hat method, and will not apply any unethical method for outputs. 

AI Management

Intelligent, visual management backend, clients who do not understand ranking can clearly see keyword ranking & consumption

On-going Innovation

Enlyybee always seeks innovative ideas, designs and practices to push boundaries for the industry.

More about Baidu SEO

Domain Selection

The choice of website domain name not only allows users to quickly and intuitively understand website positioning and domain name settings, but also affects how the search crawls the website. Therefore, choosing a simple, easy-to-remember and secure domain name is the most important step in the early stage of website construction.

Site Structure

A reasonable setting of website structure is the basis for the website to be quickly crawled and obtain search traffic. Due to the unreasonable website structure setting, the cases that the website cannot be quickly identified and crawled are often seen in Baidu’s daily feedback.  Pay attention to the website structure setting from the beginning of the establishment of the website to avoid unnecessary losses.

Service Provider/Self-built server

Choosing a service provider or self-built server is a very important and basic part of website construction; server security and stability will directly affect Baidu search engine’s overall judgment of the website.

Dead Chain

When too much website dead link data accumulates and is displayed on the search result page, it has a negative impact on the website’s own visiting experience and user conversion. On the other hand, Baidu’s process of checking dead links will also bring an extra burden to the website, affecting the crawling and indexing of other normal pages of the website.

Main Content

There are two points to consider for the main content development. One is that the main content is too long (usually the length of the source code of the webpage cannot exceed 128k). When the article is too long, it may cause crawling truncation. The other is that the content cannot be empty and too short. This content will be judged as worthless content value.


Baidu SEO Marketing FAQs

With an 80% market share and 3.3 billion searches every day, Baidu is the king of Chinese search engines and the “Google of China.” However, the differences between Google and Baidu are vast, especially around SEO. So if you want to be found in China, you’ll need to play by Baidu’s rules.


Short URLs written in Pinyin (a Romanized version of Chinese) are best, but for the website’s actual content, Baidu overwhelmingly favors Simplified Chinese.

While you may be speaking the right language, you should also be conscious of what content you’re putting out there. Baidu censors anti-government speech, adult content and gambling material, as well as anything considered to be culturally sensitive news and information. So it’s crucial to make sure nothing on your website could be interpreted, either directly or indirectly via external links on your site, as censored material.

This can be more difficult than you think. Some seemingly innocent words, such as “toad” and “rubber duck,” are banned due to their political connotations (source: International Business Times). Similarly, an innocent photo of sunbathers could result in a blocked website for showing too much skin. Thorough local-market research alongside professional in-country linguistic expertise will ensure your content doesn’t fall foul of local censorship.


Baidu has a limited time to index web pages, and typically only takes into account the first 100 KB of any page. To increase your rankings, you’ll need to place the most locally relevant content and keywords at the top of the page. This may mean forgoing more Westernized page layout and visual designs. Posting frequent updates, such as new blog content or news articles following this same approach, will also help boost your ranking.


As is the case with your online presence in any locale, if people in China don’t like your website, they’ll leave, and this can impact your SEO ranking.

High bounce rates (where users leave your website shortly after opening it) will decrease overall domain authority on Baidu and negatively impact the likelihood of your content being served to users. Unlike Google, Baidu offers verification levels for the web results it shows, ranked according to their trustworthiness, from V1 to V3. By registering and paying a fee, you can obtain one of these levels, which will help strengthen site authority, reduce your bounce rate and boost your Baidu ranking.

Given the volume of information now provided via rich snippets in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), it’s key to ensure your website is localized and optimized for the Chinese audience. Further avoid high bounce rates by making in-language information easily accessible and by engaging users quickly via locally relevant, authentic messaging.

When localizing your Chinese site content, keep in mind that Chinese consumers typically do a lot more research than Western consumers before engaging with a brand and its products. Although US domestic marketing tends to focus on benefits over features and to use highly visual content, Chinese consumers are generally put off by a lack of detailed company and/or product information. They also put a lot of stock in ratings and comments from other consumers. Depending on what you’re marketing, that feature (or lack of it) could make or break your likelihood of establishing trust and engagement.


It’s best to have a .cn domain name, but it can be tricky to attain one because you either need to be a Chinese citizen or own a Chinese business entity. Any website based in China must also have a Bei’An license, and if you are a commercial website, you’ll also need an ICP license. The red tape around these licenses can be both time-consuming and costly and often puts companies off. But it’s worth getting certified to secure top rankings on Baidu and increase web traffic.

Although .cn domain names consistently rank higher on Baidu, all is not lost if you don’t have one. Baidu’s primary requirement is that a site loads well for Chinese users. While this is easier for .cn domains, .com and .net websites will still rank if they’re accessible from and optimized for China.


For the past few years, more users have searched on Baidu via mobile than desktop, a trend that’s expected to continue. Mobile SEO is essential if you want to be seen on Baidu. Chinese consumers are heavily mobile-focused, with many users owning multiple mobile phones, and there’s a huge emphasis on mobile-optimized sites. In fact, Baidu takes this into account when ranking search results.

Source: wordbank

Check out our latest article on this topic from a  techinal perspective: the-best-guide-to-baidu-seo-marketing-in-china

Some experts claim that the Baidu SEO Algorithm is like the Google SEO Algorithm that lags in 3-5 years. But of course, it is not that simple, and you might need to read this blog post with a fresher perspective on SEO algorithm because what worked on Google will not necessarily work on Baidu and vice versa.

These are the main elements that influence pages ranking on Baidu

  • Content quality
  • Meeting user needs
  • User-friendly interface (UX/UI)
  • Site security

See our full article here: How Baidu SEO algorithm works

It depends which country is your target market. As Google (GOOGL) maintains its stronghold in the global internet search arena, Baidu, Inc., (BIDU) has the upper hand in China, with 72.37% of the nation’s market share as of May 2021.1 Google China, a subsidiary of Google, ranked fourth in China’s online search market, with a 1.95% share.

Both Google and Baidu are listed on NASDAQ and operate in similar web services spheres, but the companies are quite different. Baidu remains focused on the local Chinese market, while Google is global and continues to expand.

Contrary to the common perception of Baidu as an “online search specific” company, it has a large suite of products and services somewhat similar to Google. Both companies have multiple offerings across search products, social products, knowledge products, location-based products, music products, PC client software, mobile products and services, open platform for developers, games, and translation services. Nonetheless, here are the key differences between Baidu and Google. (Source: investopedia )

Distribution of global visitors to as of August 2021, by top country. (Source: Statista )
CharacteristicPercentage of visitors
United States1.8%

The Baidu Webmaster Tools (or Ziyuan) app is available in Simplified Chinese and offers many important metrics for optimizing your site to rank better on the search engine. 

The key steps in the process of using Baidu Webmaster Tools are: firstly, sign up for an account with their website and verify that it is legitimate; secondly set permissions on your page so they know what kind or activities can take place there.

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