How To Choose the Right CRM in China 2022?

How To Choose the Right CRM in China 2022?

21 April 2022 |  Shy Y L & Keiwei Z & Janie Z  | 5 min read


If you do business in China, you are in the heart of the world’s most crucial consumer markets. As a result, you have a good chance of using a more advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system and improving your marketing strategies. Your company can benefit from China’s massive purchasing power. On the other side, you must ensure that you have the right tools in place to attract additional customers both B2B and B2C in China.

What is CRM?

The definition of CRM is customer relationship management. CRM software let you manage a company’s customer life cycle from a centralised location. This helps business owners to keep track of and document client communications, history, and preferences, as well as manage their data and records.

CRM software offers you forecast sales, track leads, and analyse clients to better organise and manage relationships, and provides tools to keep track of performance productivity. In short, CRM software enables you to better understand your clients.

Why do I need to use CRM?

Even while establishing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution may appear to be costly and time-consuming, there are numerous advantages.

Benefits of CRM
  • Improve customer satisfaction: CRM creates ongoing relationships with your consumers by sending automatic, customised email campaigns, letters, or bespoke presents, giving them the feeling of being part of a relationship. You may also gather client comments, complaints, and suggestions automatically, reducing the time it takes for you to respond to them.
  • Streamlined workflow through automation: A CRM system establishes standardisation of processes and workflows connected with marketing, customer support and sales to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Improve analytics and reporting: The analytical tracking feature in CRM can also provide real-time data to help you understand market trends and customer preferences. It is easier to deliver satisfaction and build loyalty when you know your customer’s needs.
  • Enhance sales productivity: A CRM software will offer you insightful data and insights on your sales so that you can monitor and identify patterns in the business sales behaviours.
  • Improve employee management: CRM encompasses more than just customer relations management. It also allows you to manage your team and tasks. It’s vital to keep visibility in the workplace to keep control of your whole business operations.

What CRM tools should you use in the Chinese market?

Although Western CRM platforms are not prohibited in the Chinese market, not all of them are suitable. Some CRM platforms do not offer a Chinese version or integrate with Chinese platforms or payment methods. In this case, data collection may be less complete than it should be, reducing CRM usability and utility for your business.

WeChat CRM

WeChat-CRM-System (Weimob, drip, Dodoca, Mike CRM, Youzan)
WEchat CRM

WeChat is China’s most popular social media platform, and it has quickly evolved into one of the most vital marketing tools. (See our other blog on Wechat marketing). WeChat offers CRM platform as one of its numerous functions. Wechat CRM is a useful tool for integrating social media platforms with CRM systems. Despite certain restrictions, this CRM system is heavily focused on the WeChat platform and allows you to monitor and respond to your clients on social media. As a result, you’ll have a strong bond with your clients.

Walkthechat Comparison
Drip China


Drip is fully integrated with WeChat and has a user-friendly backend. You can easily combine your WeChat with Drip for article posting, client management, managing QR codes, and other basic features.

Key feature
  • Personalised campaigns
  • Receive customer messages directly on WeChat
  • API is flexible
  • Basic WeChat backend functions
Youzan China


Youzan offers a seamless built WeChat shop template collection that can fully integrate with WeChat. It also offers a useful data analytics backend that lets you track the performance of your WeChat Shop and filter users based on gender, geography, shopping behaviour, and purchase quantity.

Youzan provides a function to send tailored communications based on your market needs after filtering users. This platform was created exclusively for WeChat and includes approximately 100 marketing tools, including a mini-game and a coupon feature. It also enables you to generate posts with auto-responses. Youzan is better suited to product-based businesses.

Key feature
  • WeChat shop order management system
  • Available to connect with Weibo
  • Auto-response webpage articles
  • Schedule posting time
  • Basic WeChat backend features
Weimob China


SMBs benefit from Weimob’s cloud services and integrated marketing features. This includes food and beverage enterprises, hotels, and a variety of offline businesses that desire to leverage WeChat.

It also has a number of industry-specific templates, which is a disadvantage of the platform. Because of all the templates and features it provides, the backend can be a little difficult to manage, and the platform has been considered buggy. Overall, Weimob is a cost-effective option to manage WeChat.

Key feature
  • Personalised messages
  • VIP member management
  • WeChat backend management
  • WeChat mini-site templates

Neocrm helps you connect directly to your customers and grow your business


With extensive industry knowledge and medium and large customer service experience, it supports the entire process automation business scenario, from marketing to sales to service.
Neocrm has acquired the support of well-known venture capital firms Sequoia Capital, Matrix Partners China, and Tencent, as well as several Fortune 500 corporations. In the mobile Internet era, it has grown into a significant enterprise service provider.

Empower enterprise with digital future

Fxiaoke China


Fxiaoke CRM is a company that provides services. It provides organisations with products such as internal and external interconnection, sales, marketing, and service based on a customisable PasS platform to accomplish customer-centric whole lifecycle management.

Many small and micro businesses have embraced it because of its low cost, and it has maintained a strong market share.


Enterprise Smart CRM & Eco


CloudCC is a CRM service provider that is committed to environmental sustainability. Customers can construct and develop through the CloudCC PaaS platform and adapt it to their business at any moment, and CloudCC AppStore allows them to extend other SaaS applications at a minimal cost. 

JXCOm China

Growth CRM product system


Jxcom is a CRM service provider that specialises in growth. The company offers free open source, PaaS, and SaaS versions, with the open-source version being free to test for those with simple needs; small and medium-sized organisations can use its cloud platform, which is permanently free for up to three people (including three).

If you have a significant number of customers, you can purchase its cloud platform at a low cost; if you have unique requirements, PaaS custom development is an option. In general, CRM is more cost-effective and comprehensive, and many users prefer it.

Different CRMs do different things. That’s why it’s really important to understand your business challenges and how you want your CRM to address them.

Tamara Burkett


It’s possible that you’re still undecided about which CRM software is best for your company at this stage. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to selecting the right CRM because there are so many possibilities. That’s why it’s critical that, before diving in, you take the time to write down your requirements and pain points in order to select the CRM that’s right for you.

The benefits of incorporating a CRM system into your business are indisputable. Companies that have invested in this system experience increased customer experience, productivity, sales, and customer retention.

Moreover, as social CRMs become more popular, investing in the correct CRM platform is crucial for multinational firms entering the Chinese market. When it comes to tracking your marketing campaign, social CRMs can be really beneficial, and they have a lot of room for growth.