How to Register and Live Stream Gaming on the Huya and Douyu Platform?

How to Register and Live Stream Gaming on the Huya and Douyu Platform?

04 April 2022 |  Andy S & Jin S | 6 min read

Intro: Douyu & Huya Live platform 

Are you running a gaming business? Do you love live streaming? Well, then you need to check out two leading game live streaming platforms in China.

Douyu Live Platform! Also known as “Chinese Twitch”, it is a leading live streaming platform in China that offers high-quality, fast, smooth live video and game tournament services. 

The content is diverse, so users can find something to watch no matter what their interests are. Huya Live Platform is the leading game-centric platform pioneered in e-sports to provide users with high-definition, smooth, and rich interactive videos. 

More than 100 million people across China have seen the Huya Live Platform since its launch in 2017; at the same time, it enables gamers to enjoy their favorite games without costing extra. 

Douyu vs Huya Chinese Livestreaming for Games

Both are the logos of Douyu and Huya live platforms, respectively.

How to use Douyu and Huya outside China? 

You can download Douyu and Huya live platforms from your computer and mobile phone. It is available for iPhone, Android, and the web. Players can play it anytime, anywhere! 

Presently, the process of Douyu and Huya overseas verification is complex. If you want to download the Chinese version, you need an app store account in  China. Log in to your apple account, and search for ” Douyu Live  Platform/Yahu Live Platform” to download it to your mobile phone. 

If you do not have it, you can borrow your domestic friend’s App Store account. After logging in, search for “Douyu Live Platform/Huya Live Platform ” in the app store and download it to your mobile phone. 

The above shows the registration interface of the Douyu Live Platform, which is a quick way to register with a phone number.

How to Register Overseas on Live Streaming? 

You can register the newest version of the Douyu Live Platform mobile app through WeChat, QQ, and Facebook. You must have an account with the site before you register. They will use your phone number or log-in information as overseas verification. The registration process is simple- input what type of personal information they ask for, then choose a password. Once these details are submitted correctly, verify via email address, and validate challenge questions. 

How to Appeal an Account Ban on Douyu? 

The failure to pass the Douyu overseas verification will lead to a ban. The easiest way to appeal an account ban is through the Douyu Live Platform. Click on your avatar in settings, then go into ‘Backstage’ and click “Contact Customer  Service” without logging into any accounts whatsoever! It will take you directly onto their website, where you fill out some information about yourself–it should only take them 1-3 days to respond once they receive it. 

How to Top-up Douyu? 

Web-version: Open the website →Click on the avatar →Log in and top up  →Enter the top-up center →Alipay / WeChat / Jingdong wallet /QQ Wallet  /Online banking payment / Ant Credit Pay / Phone payment top-up. 

Android: Douyu app →Click avatar →Yuchi top-up, supported by Alipay/  WeChat /Jingdong Wallet /QQ Wallet / Ant Credit Pay. 

IOS: Douyu app → Click avatar → Yuchi top-up supported by Apple Pay. 

How to Receive Huya Foreign User Verification? 

1. Conditions for overseas entertainment anchor verification: Apply according to the following application form 

Application email:

China Game live streaming platform for Foreign Users to Register

a. You are required to provide photos of at least three kinds of certificates. You can use your ID card/passport, driver’s license, foreign student card,  insurance card, or other personal certificates. 

b. The certificate must be within the validity period; the information must be valid, clear, and visible, without shielding and no trace of fraud. 

For certification related questions, please contact YY No.: 80709 

2. If you are a Taiwan user trying to authenticate the Huya Live Platform, please log into the “real name authentication” page of the YY security center or log into the mobile phone YY account and security real-name authentication. Select “Taiwan user  authentication” and follow the following steps: 

Verify the mobile phone → to submit the certificate information (hold the front of the ID card and the photos of the bank passbook, which only supports those in Taiwan). 

Notice: The system determines whether to verify the mobile phone short message or wait for 72 hours before real-name authentication. 

YY new security center: 

Verification Process Screen

Both pictures show the methods and steps of real-name authentication of the YY security center. You can mainly verify it by your telephone number and ID card photo. 

What if Huya Live Platform does not start to broadcast?

There are many ways to deal with this problem when Huya Live Platform shows that it is not on. One way is by using a web browser and a plug-in called “NetVu.” This will allow you access to all the anchor’s features, even if they are locked outside of your site or newspaper outlet! 

Another option would be downloading another program tailored toward broadcasting through Facebook groups like ‘Huya Sports Live Streaming’ where you can find more information about these programs. 


Douyu Live and Huya Live Platforms are two popular live-streaming platforms in China. However, if you do not live in China, it can be tricky to use them. In this article, we showed you how to register overseas on Live Streaming, top up on the Douyu Live Platform, and do overseas verification on Huya Live Platform. If you need advanced help with targeting users on these platforms, feel free to speak to the Enlybee team.