China's Top 5 Translation Software

China's Top 5 Translation Software

 4 June 2022 |  Yabei W & Lorrie P  | 4 min read


Translation software has developed faster in the past few years due to the booming growth of AI and Computer Science. Communication and information exchanges across countries become much easier via translation software. Whether you are a translation agency or an international business, there is a need for translation, and you are most likely using translation software to improve your workflow. If not, you should look into it. To enter the Chinese market, it is crucial to be familiar with Chinese translation software for better localisation

Translation Tools China

1. Baidu Translate

The Baidu Translate app is available for iOS and Android and is certified by the Chinese government. Baidu Translate includes authoritative Oxford and Collins dictionaries, covering a cumulative total of 21 million words, as well as numerous bilingual example sentences, video explanations, synonyms and antonyms, root words and affixes, synonym analysis, phrases, terminology, and explanations in English, and other dictionary resources.

Baidu Translate Chinese

2. Youdao Translate

Youdao Translate is also used in the Chinese market and is one of the most well-known among students and English learners. Youdao supports translation in 107 languages to meet the needs of study, work, going abroad, and travel. And it supports photo, voice, simultaneous, live-action AR, online, and offline translations.

Youdao Translate Chinese


3. Eudic

Eudic Dictionary is a multi-device (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac) supported software that can be ‘customised to import mdd/mdx format dictionaries’ and caters for ‘multi-device synchronisation’. Its function includes example sentences, collocations, synonym identification, corpus, word trends in the frequency of use, etc.

Eudic Translation Chinese


4. Caiyun

Caiyun Translation has functions of simultaneous translation of Chinese, Japanese, and English, bilingual web browsing, literature translation, document translation, and video subtitle translation. However, this software only has the web version and cannot be downloaded on devices.

Caiyun Translation Chinese

5. iTourTranslator

iTourTranslator is another voice translation software in China that has high ratings among users, including its functions as follows:

  1) Users of this APP can make audio or video calls with friends on various social networking platforms such as WhatsApp, Wechat, Messenger, Line, Telegram, etc. The app will translate the calls at the same time.

  2) With an independent cloud conference system, using this conference system for meetings will enable real-time voice translation in meetings.

  3) Professional translators can translate telephone translations and remote videos if the users ask and pay for them.

  4) Photo, listening mode, voice conversation, web, and text translations are all supported.

ITour Translation Chinese

What is a Translation Memory/CAT Tool?

If you are tired of translating repeatedly, you may be interested in discovering what translation memory is. A translation memory is a database that stores phrases, sentences, or paragraphs you have translated before. It ensures a high-quality translation outcome in a timely fashion. A translation memory tool can help the business translate different file formats such as web HTML pages, spreadsheets, PDF files, etc. while storing the previous translations for future use.

CAT tool is the abbreviation of Computer-Assistant Tool. That is the use of computer systems or software to aid translators in editing and managing the translation pieces. Common CAT tools include MemoQ, Trados, Wordfast Anywhere, etc.

Seashell Ai to connect China via one click

How about localisation?

Understanding the translation tools available in China is as important as having a localisation strategy in place for your China market entry plan. A localisation strategy should be a crucial part of any company’s international business plan, which includes addressing customer behaviour, purchasing habits, and cultural differences in each country where they operate. The trick is finding that balance between staying true to your brand while still resonating with the local audience and not losing its appeal.

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Chinese Localisation

What is different about the Chinese market?

Chinese localisation marketing starts with understanding China Market:

China is not one homogenous market but a diverse place with many different cultures. You can almost see China as the whole European continent.

For example, there are seven major dialects spoken throughout the country, which affect how people communicate. So, the strategies you use to get ahead in one region may not work elsewhere, even if it has similar circumstances or demographics!

Many markets in China are changing fast. Some of these changes may be difficult to predict because they are so new, which means it is important that you stay on top of your game!

In the past, stores in China had to focus on mass-produced products. That is not necessary anymore because consumers want niche brands with individualised attention now more than ever. Smaller local businesses can meet this demand by catering specifically to their desires.

Chinese consumers love digital and social media. Online shopping is huge in China, with many people using it to share their experiences or seek reviews from others before making a purchase decision. That is why it is important to carry out digital marketing campaigns to leverage these channels wisely.


This article only introduces a few translation tools popular in the Chinese market. There are still many other translation technologies such as speech recognition, HAMT (human-aided machine translation), etc. To improve the workflow of business within a new market via translation software, Enlybee will help you understand and advise you on the best-fit translation technology, together with crucial localisation strategies to help you win the China market. Schedule a call with us here: