Top 5 China Technology Trends in 2022: Emerging technology and digital innovation

Top 5 China Technology Trends in 2022: Emerging technology and digital innovation

16 June 2022 |  Fiona C & Andy S  | 5 min read



Within the digital era of 2022, China has taken technology and utilized it in all forms of day-to-day life. This has made technology a widespread and popular trend that is ever-evolving, as China gets closer to being the top leading technologically- advanced country. With the changes bought by Covid-19, technology and digital innovation have become increasingly important in China and overall society. As a country, China has more than 730 million internet users and more than 1 billion mobile phone users, this makes digital connectivity central to society and economic growth.

China in 2022 has placed emphasis on becoming self-sustainable in semiconductors and areas such as AI, biotechnology, and advanced manufacturing tools and machines. According to the Ministry of Finance’s report, the government will support small businesses with the innovative technology in manufacturing, titled “little giants”. Here are the top 5 technology trends in China in 2022 to look out for:

1. Metaverse in China

The rising popularity of the metaverse and virtual reality has become widespread around the world, and the popular phrase (元宇宙) has become one of the most popular internet slang phrases within the country. Chinese gaming firms, as well as large companies like Tencent, are positioning themselves to take a leading role in the metaverse, according to Niko Partners founder and president Lynn Cosmas Hanson. “Live service video games have been working towards this metaverse concept for many years now, and companies with experience in both video game production and social media will have an edge when it comes to entering this space”. According to Hanson, one of the most significant opportunities for this space comes from cross-game integration and collaborative events with brands and copyright owners in China. Undoubtedly, this will bring drastic impacts for the metaverse in China.

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Metaverse China
Metaverse China

2. AI and Scientific Research in China

Artificial intelligence infrastructure in China 2022 is growing in popularity. It is currently used by Sensetime Technology Co., Ltd. in China to mine data and produce pathological images showing protein interactions, drug reactions, and gene mutation predictions. AI’s utilization may help address concerns in regards to dependency on time-consuming and uncertain manual labor, through performing basic research in areas like new energy, new food, new materials, and new medicines, freeing individuals from monotonous repetition. Artificial Intelligence in China is revolutionizing research and development in many sectors, with implications ranging from automatic driving to new medicines that may extend human life expectancy.

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3. AI Governance in China

Since Beijing has pushed hard to apply AI across the country’s economy and society, the terms “AI governance” and “ethical AI” have become two buzzwords that appear frequently in government policy papers and corporate documents. Proposals have been released that will begin to turn AI governance into some concrete action from just discussions. This will have profound impacts on how Chinese citizens interact with Artificial Intelligence, as well as wider society.

The approaches shown below represent the emergence of three different approaches to AI governance in China, regulated by three different organizations.


4. Climate Technology -New Vehicles in China

China in 2022 has placed priority on expanding renewable energy and other decarbonization initiatives. The commitments to limiting carbon emissions (by 2030) and achieving carbon neutrality (by 2060) within a short period of time offers an incredible opportunity for Chinese businesses in the climate technology sector, which includes new energy vehicle manufacturers and their battery suppliers.

China accounts for 61 percent of the new energy vehicle market and may become the top market in the foreseeable future. Chinese enterprises such as CATL, BYD, and Svolt are making waves with their world-class battery technology. In the future, win-win strategies will be more common, converting China’s carbon-reduction pledges into lucrative possibilities.

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5. Climate Technology -Solar Energy in China

China is on top in regards to solar energy installations, by the year 2030, it has set a goal of obtaining 20% of its energy from renewable sources. In 2016, the nation boasted more than 120 gigawatts of solar power capacity, which was more than any other nation. China’s manufacturing sector, like most other industries, is also adopting cutting-edge technology such as 3D printing and drones for production. These technologies are improving manufacturing efficiency and dependability while lowering expenses and increasing quality. The country has used increasingly innovative technologies to achieve its renewable energy goals and sustain its exceptional economic development rates.


With Beijing’s focus on technology and wider efforts as a nation for its development and sustainability, technology will continue to be of key focus in China both in 2022 and in the years to come. Chinese technology trends may spark global conversations, and bring unprecedented and exciting change not only for China and its citizens but for a global business that has a China focus. Sign up for our new China Digital Strategy guidebook and stay updated with the latest and greatest insights.

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